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Little Gem in the Woods

 投稿者:Negi Monster  投稿日:2009年 1月13日(火)05時08分3秒
  通報 編集済
    We planned a getaway trip from the city life, spending a leisurely time of not doing anything except soaking in a hot spring.  For the process of choosing a place, the only request I made to my Japanese friend is “a hot spring furthest away from any civilization in Chugoku Region”.  There it was this cozy-looking inn quietly sitting by a pristine stream with tons of fish swimming.  A lovely mature lady with brilliant smile escorted us to the room.  She even carried with no hesitation my bag that is loaded with sweets and dried fish I bought here and there on the way to the inn.  Yes, I travel to buy “omiyages” (Japanese word for souveniors).
  Our dinner menu was Sukiyaki.  The serving portion was so generous that we couldn’t fish it all.  A sense of guilt was creeping on me.  I don’t usually waste any food at any dinner table, and it is rare for me not being able to finish a meal in a Japanese restaurant, where portions in general are much smaller than U.S. counterparts.  My favorite vegetable “negi”, a Japanese green onion that looks like leek, was in the menu and it tasted so good I decided to comment on it to the madam of the inn.  Then, she sent a cook to the back yard to dig up some fresh negi and served us some more.  It was negi-heaven.  Yes, I ate too much.  I floated in a hot spring like a seal stuffed with 20 pounds of sardines.
  Hanayashiki-Inn is a hidden gem waiting to be buffed by your visit.
    (女将) Mr.Negi Monster, thank you for staying at Hanayashiki inn for the other day, and thank you for sending wonderful mail. The dictionary was used many times to read your mail...
I was able to spend happy time with you.  I prepare a lot of Green Onion and I am waiting for you to come Hanayashiki again!

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