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Contact email?

 投稿者:Michael ONEILL  投稿日:2013年 4月22日(月)10時55分56秒
  Dear Hanayashiki Landlady, I am trying to contact you by email but it is not working. I have old email hanayashiki@yuyamajyo.co.jp it is not working for me, but also your contact form on website (http://www.y-hanayashiki.co.jp/inq/) is not working. Can you post email address so I can write to you? I met you last week at Lion and had great time, and want to check in with you. Arigato gozai-masu!  
    (女将) Dear, Mr.Oneill Thank you for your mail. I have to apologize that you could not find e-mail. Please cheak your personal address. See you soon!

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